There’s a price for everything

Dear D and H,

There’s a price for everything, and that cost is always related to time. Time is the only thing that no one can get more of and everything that is worth pursuing takes time.

When you’re young, you have a lot of time. And time is really “cheap”. You don’t really have anything you have responsibilities to tend to except maybe work. You have the energy to stay up all night. There’s even a saying – ‘Time is wasted on the youth’. Don’t waste the time! This is really the best time to focus on what your passion and purpose is and to spend that time working on it.

As you get older, your time becomes more expensive and spending that time becomes harder. Your biological clock is ticking. Your job pays you more money to stay focused. Your gf/wife/kids want to see you more. Your parents are older and need more help. If you’re well known, people want to interview you, talk to you, have coffee with you. Everyone is trying to take some time away from you and it’s harder to guard your time.

So my advice to you kiddos, is to guard your time and use it wisely when you’re young. Have fun, but find a purpose that you love that you happily spend your time on when you’re young, because when you’re older, that time is much more expensive.